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Under Development

Kognitas is currently under closed beta, but our food logger bot and some of his companions offer limited features that you can start testing. If you are already experiencing their benefits and want to help us develop them further, please apply to join our next pilot.

Current Participants

If we have reached out to you, please email us your invitation code to order your starter pack and receive instrucions on how to activate your account.

Once your sensors are connected, add foodlogbot and secretarybot to your Telegram and remember to take a photo of everything you eat. You should start receiving suggestions within a few minutes.

Sample Discovery report

Your Discovery Report will give you an unprecedented view of how your body works. It will enable you to review your food diary, identify patterns and understand how different metrics affect your health and well-being. Furthermore, it provides our health coaches with the data they need to extract actionable guidance & advice that you can decide whether to follow.

Both hourly and daily versions are available, the hourly snapshot below is from Luis.


Sample evaluation of a meal


Kognitas Bots currently available

Please follow the links below to add the bots you are interested in to your Telegram.