Our team

Kognitas was born from the personal experiences of its Founders as they changed into healthier selves, but grows from their determination to provide others with a more Intuitive, Personal and Sustainable way into health.

We want every Geek to have a long and healthy life, and believe the best way is centered around you, adapted to your life & personality, and driven by a spirit of self-knowledge, experimentation and data, but, above all, under your command: your journey, your choice, your pace.

Pedro Lau-Semedo

Well-being & Operations

Pedro Lau Semedo

Pedro dedicates his life to help others find their best health, and his along the way. An Engineer and Technologist by training, but a believer in the power at the intersection of technology, Science, Biology & Human psychology at heart.

Pedro’s held various roles in the Airbus: from designing & building of innovative Space equipment & Missions, to leading an Engineering Project for the European Space Agency & Managing the Technology Portfolio for an Aerospace giant.

BSc in Electronics & Telecom System from ISEL (Portugal), MSc in Embedded Digital Systems from University of Sussex (UK). Digital Theraupetics certificate from Future Health Club.


Luis Rivera

Product, Finance & Tech

Luis Rivera Gurrea-Nozaleda

Luis loves developing new products and services based on open source and blockchain technologies.

His startup experience includes bootstrapping ETFmatic (acquired by AION Bank), StartupBootcamp and TetuanValley amongst others. Previously he worked at IBM and Monitor Group.

BCom in International Business from McGill (Canada), Copenhagen Business School (Denmark) & ICADE (Spain), MBA INSEAD (France).


Alejo Martínez-Sansigre

Science, AI & Fitness

Pedro Lau Semedo

Alejo has always enjoyed an active life and is interested in practical ways of helping people stay healthy.

Previously, he has worked as an academic in Astrophysics in the UK and Germany, in applied research for the Oil & Gas sector in Brazil, and in Earth Observations in Spain.

PhD Astrophysics from Oxford (UK). MSCi in Physics from Cambridge (UK).